Just about everything starts from an
emotion and a desire, this story is no different ...

One late evening at home, Ingrid was yearning for a dame blanche,
the simple joys of vanilla ice cream and the richness of melted dark
Belgian chocolate, a childhood favorite, yumminess that brings comfort.
But alas, there was no vanilla ice cream to be had, and venturing out
was simply not an option. Open and stare into freezer ...
hang on what’s in that freezer bag? two ripened chunked bananas.

Then she remembers hearing about the single ingredient ice cream .. why not?
Blend the bananas, rich dark Belgian chocolate and some Ingrid magic et voilà!

So delicious, no guilt, healthy late evening snack .. or anytime snack really!
The dream begins, why not share the amazing snack with the world!

The simplicity is so inviting, healthful and delicious, and what an amazing way to
create wealth, a wealth that can be used to help those in need, a dream Ingrid
always and had just didn’t know how to make true, untill now.

And that’s how Wanna Banana was born.